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Created on 2011-12-21 18:56:57 (#1159604), never updated

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Community description:metal gear
Welcome to the Dreamwidth backup of [ profile] mgs_fanworks! You are welcome to post any and all Metal Gear fanworks here.

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bb corps, big boss, big boss/eva, big boss/ocelot, big mama, big shell, canon slash, cyborg ninjas, dead cell, drebin, elisa, eva, fanart, fanfic, femmeslash, femslash, fission mailed, fortune, foxhound, gen, gene, giant robots, gray fox, groznyj grad, het, huey emmerich, icons, kazuhira miller, liquid snake, lovepack, major zero, mei ling, meryl silverburgh, metal gear, metal gear ac!d, metal gear mk. ii, metal gear solid, mgs, militaires sans frontieres, naomi hunter, nastasha romanenko, null, ocelot/eva, oh kojima, olga gurlukovich, otacon, para-medic, paz, policenauts, psycho mantis, raiden, raiden/rose, raikov, revolver ocelot, rose, roy campbell, san hieronymo, shadow moses, sigint, slash, snake/meryl, snake/otacon, snatcher, sokolov, solid snake, solidus, solidus/mei ling, strangelove, strangelove/the boss, sunny gurlukovich, the boss, the boss/the sorrow, the cobra unit, the end, the fear, the fury, the joy, the nomad, the pain, the patriots, the philosophers, time paradox, tselinoyarsk, vamp, volgin, zone of the enders
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